Learning To Drive - Director Isabel Coixet

  • Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015 Official Selection
  • Provincetown International Film Festival 2015 Audience Award
  • Toronto International Film Festival 2014 2nd place People’s Choice Award
  • Traverse City Film Festival 2015 2nd place Audience Award
“[…] Clarkson is terrific at capturing the quiet terror — and tantric-sex-induced fatigue — of a blind date.[…] She’s both focused (in Wendy’s writerly home office, a highlight of Dania Saragovia’s strong production design) and dithery (behind the wheel). […]” - Sheri Linden for The Hollywood Reporter
“Among the charms of “Learning to Drive,” a small, observant dual portrait of a New York book critic and her Indian-American driving instructor, are the detailed, lived-in performances of its stars, Patricia Clarkson and Ben Kingsley. […]” - Stephen Holden for The New York Times